“My job as a portrait Photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain” Helmut Newton


I am an Artist. I create Value and meaning to my work.

My name is Shai and I am a fashion Photographer located in Israel.

The world of art has always been a part of my life. through art magazines as a child, during my High School and Academic Education and Up until these very moments that I am writing these lines for you to read. The camera for me is my paint, brush and canvas, I use it as a tool to create solidarity between people, I am doing that by creating a value that reflects a being / emotion that I already have. I believe that as I can see different beings and qualities in people, other people will be able to see the same beings and qualities and feel the same emotions, hidden or visible, transparent through my work.

By that a true meaning is made with my Images.

My work as a Fashion, Editorial and Commercial Photographer has been Published in a variety of Magazines in The World.


Photography, As a Medium, is not an absolute path of visibility to me but the path I choose to live and to see my Life.

My Work is Presented in several Private Collections and has Exhibited in Museums and Galleries around the world.